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Back to the office: How you should manage the return to work after the lockdown- research on hand hygiene pdf ,It might be necessary to increase the distance between work spaces, and to strengthen hygiene procedures, for example, by reminding staff about regular hand-washing or providing hand..."Ambient intelligence" could transform hospitals and enhance patient careThe article focuses on a paper recently published in Nature co-authored by Milstein. In one such scenario, hospital rooms could be equipped with AI systems and sensors to monitor proper...

Life after lockdown: Your office job will never be the same--here's what...

After all, he argues, if restaurants can get hygiene performance ratings, there is no reason that the workplace shouldnt. There could be some sort of evaluation meth od to reflect the air...

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Similarly, the company is working on a gesture-recognition project , so that users can control videos, play music or call a digital assistant using hand poses.

The end of passwords: Industry experts explore the possibilities and challenges

SEE:  Cybersecurity: Let's get tactical (free PDF)  (TechRepublic)   Scott Matteson: What are the current challenges with passwords? Matt Davey : For many years we've relied on passwords...

Cisco 2015 Annual Security Report

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