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What could Sony POSSIBLY do to counter this power flex from MS?!- Hand prices ,Sony have already shown their hand with equally priced weaker hardware, increased game prices, acquisition of Insomniac, and cross gen games for the foreseeable future.Amazon Echo: Cheat sheetGoogle, on the other hand, is in the information business, which may give it an edge as the battle for smart home and digital assistant supremacy continues. It's also worth mentioning...

Best meat delivery for 2020: Snake River Farms, Omaha Steaks, Rastelli's and...

Prices vary, but plans start at $129 per month.

2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost vs. Bentley Flying Spur and Mercedes-Maybach S650:...

Bentley and Rolls-Royce have the upper hand on outright luxury, what with their hand-assembled cabins and beautiful decor. But the Maybach is hardly a dud in this department -- you'd be...

Lenovo to roll out Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS across nearly 30 ThinkPads,...

These include: ThinkStation P520 : Two high-end workstations powered by 3.30 GHz Intel Xeon W-2155 processors and have prices starting at $8,699.

Best coolers in 2020: Cabela, Igloo, Yeti, Coleman and more

Are the best coolers actually worth their asking prices? And can any of the cheaper ones keep up?

Acura RDX PMC bows with brilliant shade of orange just in time for fall

The brand's Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive system is also standard for the hand-built RDX. Acura didn't share prices, but if the MDX PMC Edition is our point of comparison, the RDX PMC...

How to stream NFL football games in 2020

That said, the streaming services prices keep going up and up . In the past year, most services have gone up in cost by $5 a month. Still, I'll be rooting my Steelers on to victory by...

How to recycle, trade in, donate, or sell your iPhone 11

EcoATM kiosks are located around the country and take a device, inspect it, and hand over a cash voucher right on the spot through its automated system.

Oculus Quest 2 Review: A Great Next Step For Oculus VR

These prices are also $100 less than both of the previous models. The 256GB model is definitely tempting, but 64GB is enough to store 10-20 games, depending on the size.

Everything you want to know about Google Home

The prices of the Google Home and Google Home Max dropped last year , making the Max in particular more appealing at $300 instead of $400.

The best hair dryers in 2020

"The reason prices vary so much is because some dryers may have a ceramic coating versus a more expensive version that is actually ceramic," Aguirre says.

Best website builder for 2020: Squarespace, Wix and more compared

This goes hand-in-hand with time investment, since the more control you have, the more choices you have to make.

Best gaming keyboard for 2020

In other words, it looks and feels more like a modern office keyboard with a more parallel hand position than your average mechanical gaming keyboard. There's per-key RGB backlighting as...

Dressing for success these days means "Athleisure"

Sweatpants, on the other hand, "are in a really attractive position," she said. Comfort here to stay With many employees sticking with remote work for the foreseeable future, athleisure...

Disney Plus: Everything to know about Disney's streaming app

(International prices are listed below.) The monthly rate is half the price of HBO Max , and that price is also a discount compared with Netflix's cheapest tier, at $9 a month.  So...

Galaxy Z Fold 2 after a month: Simply a joy to use

Camera module prices are going down thanks to smartphone makers competing over the feature, but it is still one of the pricier components after the display and processor.

9 best kitchen gadgets under $20 that you'll use every day

Prices vary, but they're not expensive either way -- say $16 for a pack of 5 good quality spoons, or even $15 for a pack of 8. Life-changing spoons. You'll never want a 'typical' spoon...

Some PS5 Games Will Cost You $70, Including Demon's Souls

The PS5 system, on the other hand, seems to be priced at a point customers are willing to pay--it has been very difficult to secure a preorder . For more on PlayStation 5 purchasing,...

Best meat delivery deals for Labor Day 2020

Omaha doesn't advertise organic meat like others or provide much information about how the animals are raised, but with a nearly "100-year-old tradition of premium, aged and hand-trimmed...

Best OBD2 scanners in 2020

Even the respected companies will build essentially identical scanners with different model numbers and insignificant appearance changes to sell through different retailers (sometimes at...

Xbox Series S's Price Puts Sony And PS5 In A Difficult Position

Sony has already revealed its hand with its own two versions of the PlayStation 5 , albeit with a different philosophy in mind.

Best air purifiers for 2020: Coway, Dyson, Blueair and more

Other HEPA cleaners, like the $100 Levoit Core 300 , the $160 Winix 5500-2 , the $90 Bissell and the $85 GermGuardian all offer only so-so power for their prices.

Apple's 2020 Event: What business pros need to know (free PDF)


5 best Peloton alternatives: Great indoor exercise bikes that cost less

Add to that one of the lowest prices of any "connected" bike and you've got a serious contender. The included assembly manual provides very little actual instruction; it's mostly just a...

Our favorite cookware set of 2020

T-fal cookware is known for its affordable prices, and this nonstick pan set has everything a novice chef needs to get started in the kitchen.