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Daily hygiene in health care

5 signs you need to replace your workout shoes, according to a podiatrist- Daily hygiene in health care ,Shoes need to air out in order to stop the breeding of bacteria and fungus to protect the health of your feet and also the durability of the shoe," Cunha said. Use disinfectant spray. Life after lockdown: Your office job will never be the same--here's what...Get ready for hygiene ratings in the workplace One thing is certain: while the global pandemic has made the workforce happier to work from home, that doesnt mean its all over for the office.

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Syria may only be counting 1.25% of its actual coronavirus deaths, study says

"Patients in a bad state are not admitted to the intensive care unit unless another patient dies." With that backdrop, many Syrians have gone online for medical advice.

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In India, an indestructible toilet may be the key to saving lives

That data provides local health officials with valuable hygiene information and ensures the facilities are working. His company, based in a trendy coworking space in Faridabad, not...